Benefits of Luxury Rehabs

When celebrities detox from drug or alcohol abuse, they usually gravitate towards the most luxurious rehab centers available. But are these luxury rehab centers only for the affluent? Is a celebrity-status a pre-requisite to relish the high-end comforts that come with these luxury rehab centers?

Luxury rehab centers all across the globe, undoubtedly, offer amenities far beyond those found in standard treatment centers. Although these luxuries of fancy rehab centers do come with a higher price, they certainly allow extra comforts in the recovery process, making it

  • More holistic
  • More pleasant and convenient to adhere to
  • Longer-lasting

Amenities offered by luxury rehab centers

The luxuries and comforts provided at luxury rehab centers transform the quitting process from one that is marked with distress and anxiety to a pleasant, convenient one. Some of the prominent facilities offered by luxury rehabs include:

  • Recreation, such as horseback riding and swimming
  • Meditation and Yoga classes
  • Exercise programs
  • Massage and other physical therapies
  • Catered gourmet dining
  • Concierge and room services
  • Equine therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupuncture

The plethora of posh facilities and amenities make the treatment program comfortable and luxurious-almost like one at a spa! Moreover, you can enjoy more personalized treatments at luxury rehabs, often by high-profile doctors and therapists. They also offer holistic treatments, focusing on the spiritual, nutritional, environmental and emotional aspects that can foster and encourage the person to quit substance abuse.

Impatient Rehab Programs

What could be better than staying at a luxury hotel or a major resort, cherishing specialized treatment while conquering your drug-abuse? If you’re someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, an impatient rehab program is just the one for you! Impatient drug programs give you an intensive therapy and tools you need to defeat your addiction so that you can revert to a productive, successful life. Such programs are a combination of recreation and effective techniques designed to help addictsrecover from their addictions.

Outpatient Clinics

Seeking assistance to get rid of your addiction is far more intricate a process than it seems to be; being carried away with attractive advertisements in a telephone community guide is certainly not the wisest way to choose your rehab. If you’re looking for an outpatient drug rehab clinic, then certain factors need to be considered

  • Distance
  • Flexibility
  • Support
  • Cost

Ultimate benefits of luxury rehabs

For most of the individuals, drug addiction cannot be overcome until professional treatment is sought. Due to the chemical nature of drugs, the first step towards recovery occurs during the detoxification process. The feeling of being “high” that most people experience occurs due to shifts in neurotransmitters. With recurrent drug abuse, the brain begins to compensate for the excessive activity of the neurotransmitters, affecting the natural production of essential brain chemicals. This drug-triggered chemical imbalance compels users to rely on the presence of drugs in their system to feel “normal”-and once drugs have managed to metabolize and exit the system, neurochemical imbalances are sharply felt.

The individual undergoes intense cravings, set into re-use the drug and the body react with withdrawal symptoms, ranging from physical reactions (including headaches, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and tremors) to psychological responses ( such as paranoia, depression, anxiety and frustration). The combination of these unpleasant physical and psychological responses tend to reinforce drug use negatively

Professional drug detoxification helps to recover addicts move through withdrawal safely. It also ensures that the individual does not fall into an episode of relapse while undergoing the process. Medications mitigate withdrawal symptoms, temper cravings, and mood swings.

Luxury rehabs offer the following benefits to those struggling with drug addiction:

  • Personalized treatment plans-core therapies are adjusted to match the learning style, personal history and duration of chemical dependency to ensure a successful recovery.
  • Group and family therapy sessions- patients receive peer empathy and support which fosters the withdrawal process.
  • Practical life skills training individuals are taught a variety of practical life skills indispensable for living a drug-free, productive and successful life.
  • Individualized therapy-the one-to-one sessions aimed at identifying emotional setbacks that might have paved the individual’s path towards drug addiction and relieving him of these traumas is an inevitable part of luxury rehabs.
  • Transitional planning-it allows patients to collaborate with addiction specialists and proactively resolving the problems of potential temptations for drug use after treatment. Social, environmental and interpersonal triggers are assessed, and patients are given referrals for therapists and physicians to provide encouragement during ongoing recovery.

There is always a way to be good again. If you’re striving to conquer your addiction, then luxury rehabs are your key to freedom!


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